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CNG Components for Bus & Truck Dispensers

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Safe & Easy Filling at CNG Stations for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

WEH offers a large variety of compressed natural gas fill nozzles tailored for refuelling of vans, shuttles, massive transit buses, school buses, waste disposal trucks, pickup trucks and other medium and heavy-duty vehicles running on compressed natural gas fuel; along with accessories, as nozzle storage racks, breakaways and filters.

Additional safety is provided when WEH breakaway couplings are used allowing the safe disconnection from the fuelling system without damage to the dispenser in the event of an accidental drive-off.

CNG filters for protection of the downstream CNG components round up the product line and reduce downtime for the end user. The filter inserts can be easily cleaned. WEH Filters feature: High particle removal efficiency, Excellent corrosion resistance, Multiple sizes

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