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Testing large tube diameters in seconds

Leak testing of straight tubes with a large tube diameter constitutes a particular challenge. Finding the right test connector ensuring a quick & easy leak-tight seal is not easy.


For precisely this application, WEH has extended the current TW241 series range with more body sizes, which now seal much larger external tube diameters from Ø 24.0 mm to 44.0 mm and, above all, maintain our characteristically high flow rates.
Of course, the new body sizes (4 to 7) provide the same outstanding features as our other time proven connectors in the WEH® TW241 series.

The TW241 Quick Connector enables quick and easy leak testing of straight copper, steel or aluminium tubes (from an external tube Ø of 6.0 mm). In addition the TW241 is also suitable for underwater, pressure decay and helium testing up to max. 70 bar.

Connection is very easy. Push the WEH® Connector onto the straight tube and turn the clamping lever by 90° upwards or downwards. The pressure-tight connection is instantly established.

Not only do operator convenience and wrist-friendly action play a significant role in WEH‘s leak testing designs, safety and reduced risk of injuries for the operator are also given top priority. And so an integrated pressure control system ensures that disconnection cannot be effected until a safe pressure below 5 bar has been achieved. This allows for additional operator safety.

The clamping jaws securely grip onto the external tube diameter and the low surface pressure reduces any risk of deformation of the test piece. By the use of surface sealing the TW241 bridges large tube tolerances of up to ± 0.2 mm. and so no seal adjustment is necessary within this tolerance range.

The connector is particularly well suited to testing refrigeration and air conditioning components with a copper tube connection such as heat exchangers, climate control systems or tubing systems. It also has important uses in product manufacture.

WEH® Test Connectors are also available for many other connection configurations e.g. for sealing internal tube diameters, bores, beads or flared/swaged profiles.


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